Dr. Kell Morton

Dr. Kell Morton

     In October 2001, I had an experience that was such a pivotal moment that it changed the arc of my life forever.  As a chiropractic student at Life University in Atlanta, GA, I attended my first seminar in the healing work that I practice with Dr. Donald Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal Analysis - a cutting edge, mind/body approach to health, wellness, and personal transformation.

     While on the table receiving care from "Donny" for the first time, I experienced a moment of pure inspiration!  It was like all the mental chatter slipped away, and I experienced a profound stillness throughout my being.  I saw myself serving thousands of people at a very high level, and the message that came to me was, "This is why you are here, this is what you are to do."

     After completing my internship and graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2004, I began serving people through Network Spinal Analysis Care at my home office in Allentown, PA, where I now have the love and support of my beautiful wife, Victoria, and my two awesome boys, Wesley and Parker.  (They like to make surprise pop-in visits and hop on the tables all the time, too!) 

     For the last three years, my journey has brought me on a 90-mile commute to New York City, at first working for someone else in my field.  In September of 2015 I opened my own space in Midtown Manhattan, and am now collaborating with other leaders in the health, wellness, and personal growth fields by doing classes, workshops, seminars, and healing retreats.  This summer I was so touched and honored to be an instructor at Soul Camp.

      I have so much joy and love in my heart for the work that I do and the people I help because I truly believe I'm living my soul's purpose.  My life is all about love, service, and contribution... and I've been blessed, gifted and guided for the perfect vehicle of service to express these gifts from the depths of my soul. 

     My passion and enthusiasm for helping others shines through every day, and my gift for connecting with people helps them feel safe and at ease.  I bring unbridled warmth, passion, and enthusiasm into sessions and I'm always looking to inspire a breakthrough.

   My mission is to help the people who are going to help change the world.

For some people that means letting go of all the hurts and pain of the past... the physical, emotional, and mental blockages and patterns that keep them playing small... so they can express and embody their authentic selves... allowing them to live in the vision they have for their health, happiness, relationships, careers, and dreams.  

   I want to help people to be free of who they're not... free of all the stuff they've taken on throughout life that is weighing them down and holding them back from being who they truly are.  Ultimately, I want people to connect with that special sparkle that is within each one of us, to find and express their unique gifts so that they may live a life of joy, gratitude, love, and AWESOMENESS!