Connection Care

Connection Care / Level 1

Connection Care helps your nerve system to de-stress and reset.  When we experience stress our primal, subconscious brain centers switch into Fear / Fight / Flight physiology.  The body tightens and tenses to prepare the body for survival.  Tissues throughout the body tense and tighten in anticipation for a life-or-death struggle, and over time this leads to patterns of tension, tight muscles, restricted movement and range of motion, compromised posture, feeling stiff and heavy, etc. 

Within the body, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, breathing rate, and stress hormones all elevate.  So many common symptoms that people experience are a result of this stress response, including headaches, back and neck aches & pains, disc bulges and degeneration, shooting pains like sciatica.

Physically we feel tired, irritable, worn down, our bodies don't heal as well, and our parts begin to breakdown.  Emotionally people experience this disconnection as fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, nervousness, anger, judgement, criticism, sarcasm, and frustration. 

The priority of the brain and nerve system is purely survival, all other needs are secondary and fade into the background.  People that have been through difficult childhoods or extreme trauma may experience this as a constant feeling of being unsafe or uncertain.

During Connection Care, your nerve system will learn how to rapidly let go of years of tension and stress.  The brain and nerve system are given signals to switch from survival into recovery mode - Parasympathetic physiology.  When survival is no longer the priority, it's time to rebuild, repair, heal, and grow.  Muscles and fascia relax and unwind tension spontaneously.  An overallrelaxation occurs throughout the body, joints let go of their tension, and your body's posture becomes much more upright and open.  Without the need to sleep with one eye open, or always be "on," sleep becomes much more restful and productive, and you will notice you have more energy available throughout your day - even in the stressful moments.


Emotionally people experience greater calm and ease, and there's a deep sense that everything is OK, they are safe, and they feel comfortable being so connected in open.


Stories of Level 1 success:

Corporate executive on fertility treatments for three years was able to get out of push push push mode and able to conceive.

Health coach with severe PTSD able to start to break destructive, self-sabotaging binging cycles.  Began to feel safer being visible and putting herself out there.

Doctor of Physical Therapy:  Couldn't move his shoulder for over two years, despite intensive rehab.  During Connection Care was able to not only restore full function, strength, and range of motion, but also began to heal the anger he had been holding towards his father, too.