Dave's Story

Kell Morton has changed my life in many ways from physical to emotional and even spiritual.


Physically he has healed me from lower back pains, joint pains and neck pains that I had from old car accidents, sport injuries and excessive computer and cell phone usage.

As I get older, these types of pains effected my overall mood, my marriage, and my work performance.

His work and guidance have broaden my mind to embrace spirituality into my daily life because I simply cannot argue with how much my life have improved.

I'm now FREE of pain.

I wake up every morning bursting with energy. I'm more calm and centered during high pressure conditions which allows me to make better business decisions. My relationship is going strong approaching my 20 year anniversary and I'm looking forward many more happy years together. And even my friendships have grown all around.

Life is great again.

For all those curious to improve your lives, it's worth a try to get diagnosed by Dr. Morton.

It's pretty cool to know that big celebrities like Tony Robbins have benefited from his work as well.

Thank you for all you've done for me.