Kate Schaffner Testimonial

Kate's Testimonial of Dr. Kell

Kate's Story

As is the case with most life-changing and pivotal encounters in life, my introduction to Dr. Kell and his work was divinely led. My massage therapist left me a voice mail message (the only one ever to this day) and happened to note as an aside that she had a chiropractor appointment in Allentown. Days later, that comment registered with me, and I thought, wait a minute, why would she be seeing a chiropractor other than the one in the very office in which she works, which is in Bethlehem? I had sworn off chiropractors at that point due to what felt like intense, severe and unnatural manipulations of the body. It never felt right or healthy to me. It honestly terrified me. However, something inside me said to inquire about it.

I reached out to her and learned of Dr. Kell and that, unlike the jarring cracking and twisting of traditional chiropractors, he barely touched you and yet had a profound effect. That immediately resonated with me, and I felt pulled to contact him.

I had an initial consultation with Dr. Kell and felt as though I had found my home. He completely understood my makeup and patterns and how I had gotten to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state I was in. He spoke my language and felt that he could make a difference for me in terms of not only my posture and spine, but with releasing emotional baggage and opening me up to my higher and greater self. I knew from our conversation that his work was serving to remove or release blockages accumulated over a lifetime or lifetimes, allowing it to return to its natural state and breathe deeper and easier.  

A session or two in, and I noticed that I was crying a great deal for what seemed like no apparent reason at the time. I literally would find myself sobbing throughout the day as though I was mourning a loss. I then realized rather quickly that I was in fact mourning a loss – the end of my marriage. I now know that Dr. Kell’s work had opened me up, allowing my innate intuitive abilities to come alive once again and lead me to face something I hadn’t been willing to face for many years prior. All of the crying was my body finally releasing all of the stored up, suppressed and fearful emotions.

Within weeks of starting my journey with Dr. Kell, I learned that my husband had been having an affair for many months. I gained the courage to ask him to leave and then set out on the road to truly mourning the loss and healing. What Dr. Kell’s network spinal analysis did for me was to bring me to my higher self – that place of spiritual peace and clarity, where I was able to see the blessings in the breakup, be grateful for the freedom I was given, and to begin a new chapter and fresh start in my life, which was exciting. I could clearly differentiate between the ego mind’s need to live in a state of jealousy, hatred, fear, abandonment and anger, and my spirit, which resonated love, light and compassion. Kell’s work allowed me to get through the end of my marriage and the ensuing divorce drama, court appearances, and complete financial and personal insecurities with grace and dignity. Yes, it was hard, and yes it was painful at times, but I know for certain that network spinal analysis allowed me to get through it all in a much healthier, productive and peaceful way. It revealed for me a level of inner strength I never knew I had and allowed me to feel empowered and want to keep moving forward.

In the months that followed, network spinal analysis literally made me feel alive and as though the real me had been unearthed and rediscovered. The energy I now vibrated and put out into the world was attracting similar energy. I was loving life and all of the people and opportunities being drawn my way. I was travelling by myself for the first time in my life, and feeling strong and vibrant. I was going out to eat by myself, and thoroughly enjoying being with myself. There was no awkwardness or feelings of loneliness. I was comfortable in my own skin, so very grateful for God’s love and grace and all of his creations.

Many months later, I started to only see Dr. Kell periodically since I started to become depressed after my visits, which scared me. I later realized that I was allowing the ego mind to run the show again, and I caved to the fear. I knew that I was running from the very thing that was going to help me heal, grow and flourish. It became abundantly clear that the depressed states following network spinal analysis were simply, and yet powerfully, the releasing of long-stored emotional baggage and that in order for it to leave the body, it had to once again be present and in my awareness. You have to feel it to heal it, right!

After my first visit with Dr. Kell in some time and over the following week, the transformation was extraordinary. I went from terrified, trying to control everything and everyone, living in a relentless fight or flight state, to experiencing a most beautiful spiritual awakening. It was as though the dark veil had been lifted and light was now shining in. I felt lighter and open. I started having epiphanies and revelations and gaining so much clarity about my life, past and present. I’m able to process things in a healthy framework rather than through a confused, fear-based mindset. I’m gaining more and more clarity each day as to why certain people had to be removed from my life, and why certain events had to occur. The true me is being revealed again as layer upon layer of baggage is being stripped away.

There is no greater feeling in the world than to walk this earth grounded in God’s love and your authentic self, and finding your God-given gifts and sharing them with the world. That is what Kell does, and what I’m now pursuing. I cannot imagine my life without Dr. Kell in it!

Kate Schaffner
October 12, 2016