Welcome to "Kell-spirations!"

Thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog!

Since October 2001 I have been a part of the Network Spinal Analysis healing community, and since then I have taken care of thousands of people with this amazing mind / body / energetic work.

I've impacted a lot of people in a very deep way, and now I want to take the wisdom (and humor!) of those experiences and inspire others.

What I've come to know to be true is that within each of us lies a very special and sacred gift, that we were born to embody and give to the world.

I feel that my gift is elevating and inspiring others, and Network Spinal Analysis has been a great vehicle to deliver those gifts.

This blog is the next step, or vehicle to deliver my gifts so I can elevate more people.

To keep with the vehicle theme, think of this as the sidecar to the motorcycle of my healing work!

So stay tuned as I take this sidecar out for a spin, and share my unique perspectives on healing, personal growth, awakening, love, relationships, and this thing we call life.

Thanks for being on the journey, keep shining your light!

Dr. Kell