ROH Benefits

Benefits of Reorganizational Healing

Physical benefits

Less physical pain (neck, back, low back, shoulders, arms, legs, etc.)

Less tension, stiffness or lack of flexibility throughout your body, which becomes greater ease, flexibility, and lightness in your body

Less fatigue or low energy that becomes an abundance of energy throughout your day as your adrenals recover and recharge

Fewer colds, flu, allergies, skin rashes, and asthma symptoms as your immune system functions better

Fewer headaches with less severity and duration

Less nausea, constipation, diarrhea and more healthy, regular bowel movements

Less menstrual discomfort and irregularity

Hormone imbalances self regulate

Feel less fidgety and restless

Less difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling rested



Mental / Emotional Benefits

Feeling less distressed when you experience physical pain or symptoms

Fewer negative or critical feelings about yourself and others (anger, judgement, shame, guilt, projecting feelings onto others)

Overcome fear and procrastination by liberating the emotional energy you need to take action and make change

Feelings of low self esteem, unworthiness and lack of belief in one's self turn into greater courage, poise, and confidence

Less moodiness, temper, or angry out-bursts

Less sadness, feeling alone, anxiousness, nervousness, or depression

Liberate the experience of feeling "stuck" and frustrated with where you are in life, and the patterns you keep repeating

Less worry about vague fears, "what's wrong with me," and the small things as you open up to see a bigger picture

Difficult thinking, confusion, indecisiveness / "Paralysis by Analysis" turns into greater clarity, focus, memory, and certainty

Experience fewer recurring thoughts or dreams

Greater confidence in your overall ability to deal with adversity, no matter the circumstance


Life Fulfillment / Spiritual Benefits

Greater connection and openness to guidance by your Inner Voice / Higher Intuition

Inner sense of calm, relaxation and well-being, even in the face of challenging situations and adversity

An even-greater drive to grow, expand, and evolve who you are and how you contribute in this world towards others

Mission-driven motivation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, meditation, yoga, etc.).

Feeling of being open and aware/connected when relating to others.

Greater purpose, passion, joy, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and love for yourself and others

Greater satisfaction with the level of recreation in your life.