Reorganizational Healing

Reorganizational Healing

Reorganizational Healing is a 21st-century, cutting-edge, mind/body/energetic approach to creating a healthy body and an energy-rich life of power, purpose, and fulfillment.

Integrating advanced concepts from neurology, human behavior, energy healing, and breath work and the work of Dr. Donald Epstein (the creator of Reorganizational Healing) and Anthony Robbins, this unique approach creates powerful, transformative breakthroughs and sustainable change.

During a Reorganizational Healing session, Dr. Kell will connect and check in with you to see what new changes and challenges have emerged since the previous visit.  Next you will lie face down on a healing table, and Dr. Kell will assess your overall energy state and the patterns of tension your body is holding onto from both major life events and day to day stress.

Within these patterns are the key to unlocking not only your stress, but also a more passionate and powerful version of you.

What Dr. Kell is looking for are the patterns that lead to pain and breakdown in your life, and more importantly, the patterns that are abundant, rich in energy, and the best version of you shows up in a big way.

Through a series of very specific contacts along your spine, your body will powerfully shift it's physiology from fear / fight / flight / freeze (Sympathetic Stress Physiology) to safety, peace, openness (Parasympathetic Physiology) that allow you to let go of years of pent-up stress and tension. 

As that tension relaxes, you become more energy efficient with each session, and you will find yourself moving through your day with a lighter body, more energy, sharper and clearer focus, more creativity, more capacity to take sustainable action, and much more room for love, gratitude, passion, and joy.  (Click here for a list of benefits)

This technique optimizes the function of your nerve system over time.  It will boost your overall health (immune system, hormonal health, digestive organ function, reproductive organs,  and body function, opens up and lightens your emotional state. 

You will also be introduced to a series of exercises using your breath, energy, and focused attention that will further enhance your healing process, both during the session and at home for follow-up self care.

Over a series of visits, your body will de-stress and then learn new adaptive strategies so you can upgrade your ability to function, feel, think, and enjoy a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.  Thousands of people have used this approach on a regular basis to take their health, relationships, career, and vision for their life to a whole new level, including mega-coach Tony Robbins.


Melt away stress

Move through emotional blockages

Upgrade your brain & body's ability to function at a higher level

Each session of the cutting-edge mind/body/energetic approach, called Reorganizational Healing, is specifically tailored to your needs, helping your body to release lifetime patterns of pain and stress, freeing you up to do the things you love with improved performance.

  • Release painful areas of tension throughout your body

  • Recover & let go of years of pent-up stress

  • Experience safety, certainty, & connectedness within your body

  • Harness the power of the emotions you need to take greater action in your life

  • Open up your posture, feel lighter, move more freely

  • Have better sleep, rest, recovery, and energy

  • Get the edge with sharper clarity, focus, and memory

  • Feel freer, lighter, more open, calm, and relaxed

  • Optimize your rest, recovery, and overall energy levels

  • FINALLY let go of the challenges and patterns that have kept you playing small, holding you back, and keeping you from having what you want in your life.