Inspired Coaching

Inspired Coaching

Inspired Coaching is available both virtually (over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime,) and in person. 

During this hour-long session we will use a combination of coaching, meditation, energy work, intuitive guidance, The 6 Human Needs, Reorganizational Healing, and the 12 Stages of Healing that I have used over the last 15 years to help others create insightful breakthroughs in their health, career, life-purpose and path.                    

Here is what you can look forward to during the session & after...

First, I will have you answer some questions as to what you want to get out of the session, and what areas of life you would like some insight, answers, and solutions.  On the call we'll dive a little deeper into what you want and need, and get a sharper focus on the direction of the session.  Next we will go through a meditative process together to get us both connected with your highest, Soul-level intuition (hence Inspired Coaching that comes through from a place of your Soul's knowingness and highest intuition, not from the mind.)

As we drop into this expanded state, the real questions and answers will flow, and in the moment I will be able to deliver exactly the best tools / strategies / solutions to help you.

At the end of the session you will walk away with a step-by-step action plan that you can implement immediately, helping you to anchor, harness, and bring into reality the power and insight that we uncovered during the session.

The Inspired Breakthrough

This series of three sessions is designed to help you create the BIG breakthrough.  Each session has it's own unique theme, and builds upon the momentum of the previous session.  

1st Session:  Inspired Awareness

     It's not the tip of the iceberg you need to watch out for, it's the massive behemoth lying under the murky waters that you can't see - and so it is for the pain or problem you want to transform in your life.  The first session will help you to uncover life-long patterns that are contributing to your present pain or circumstance, running just below the surface-level awareness of your mind.

Until you can become fully aware and present to WHAT IS, rather than what SHOULD be, or what you WANT it to be, you're doomed to repeat the pain of the past.

This session will help you connect the dots of seemingly unrelated aspects of your life and patterns, and give you follow-up homework for even greater self discovery.

2nd Session:  Transformation Time

     The saying goes, "knowledge is power."  However, without taking empowered action, the knowledge remains a nice concept or story at best!

     From the deeper levels of discovery uncovered during the first session and the follow-up work, it's time to bring greater courage, poise, confidence, and resourcefulness to rocket-fuel your growth.   

     The new resources of energy needed to create the breakthrough have been bound up within the tension and pain you have been unaware of and holding onto for all these years.

     Human beings are more wired to escape and avoid pain than we are to seek the pleasure of what we truly want.  It's a hell of a survival strategy that has kept humans walking this Earth... but it's survival and struggle all the way.

     Now that you have uncovered what's really underneath your pain or problem, this call will help you fully associate with the pain in a whole new way, so that it becomes your ally, which you can use as leverage to create sustainable change.

     As we break through the emotional pain that has held you back, we will together create a new story, a new map, and a new direction for you to boldly take action after the session.

3rd Session:  Awakening Your Gift

    You've uncovered the elusive, and now relate to the pain in your life on a much deeper level.  You've acknowledged the impact of living smaller than who you are, and the pain it's caused both you and others, and have transformed that pain into a strength.

Now it's time to turn your strength into a gift.  A blessing. 

During this call we get to the spiritual truth that has been waiting for you your whole life.

One of my teachers once told me,

"Bless the pain, for it will bear it's perfect fruit, in it's perfect time."

From a spiritual perspective, every pain, every bump in the road of life, every person who did you wrong and you called a demon, all of it was put in your path to help your Soul grow in this experience we call life.

When you can fully be with and fully associate with the pain - without judgement - your deepest suffering can become your greatest gift and joy. 

This session is the payoff for all the introspection and work you put in over the two previous ones... and for all the times you suffered through your wounds.  It's the highest act of love you can give yourself, because it is ultimately the gift that you came here to give to yourself, and the world.  The ripple effect is huge and beyond measure, and it's waiting for you.  All you have to do is commit to yourself that you are ready, and the time is NOW.  I'm here to guide you on that path, and it will be my honor and privilege to serve you, and help you turn your suffering into your gift.


Individually, each session is $150. Whether you would like to try one session first to see if it's the right fit for your needs, or if you are ready to dive in and fully commit, you can have all three sessions for $399.

Schedule your first call here, we'll talk, and by the end of the first call we will both be clear on what next step is right for you.




The feedback from these sessions has been great - people are surprised by how quickly and clearly the answers to their questions come in, and we usually go a good three-five steps deeper into the problems and solutions than people were anticipating.  One woman woke up to the fact that the low back pain she had been experiencing her entire life was linked to the pain of watching her father walk out on her family, and as we went deeper into the wound she realized how this has created a barrier to any true intimacy in her relationships.  By the end of the session the constant, nagging pain was gone, and her face and eyes looked ten years younger. 

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