What people are saying...

"Thank you so much for your excellence in Network Care and for your awesome inspirational coaching for the past couple of years.  It's been a wise investment of my time and money that I know has accelerated my growth towards fulfilling my dreams."  Carol M.

"Working with Dr. Kell helped me move through blocks and patterns I've been stuck in for a long time.  I quickly became inspired to make changes in my life that resulted in clearer energy and a healthier lifestyle.  People that could influence my career took notice in me and I started to develop personal relationships with movers and shakers in ways that would've intimidated me in the past.  I shifted from scared and undeserving to calm and confident.  My love relationship reached new levels of commitment and understanding.  I'm so glad I met Dr. Kell and was able to experience his gift.  In our talks he quickly identified my patterns and brought insights I hadn't seen on my own.  He is a true listener and really wants that best for everyone he sees, and is a great support and comfort to his clients."  Jeanne S.



"As is the case with most life-changing and pivotal encounters in life, my introduction to Dr. Kell and his work was divinely led... I had an initial consultation with Dr. Kell and felt as though I had found my home.  He completely understood my makeup and patterns and how I had gotten to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state I was in.  He spoke my language and felt that he could make a difference for me in terms of not only my posture and spine, but with releasing emotional baggage and opening me up to my higher and greater self.  click here to continue                              Kate Schaffner



"When I tell my friends about network spinal analysis, I tell them simply "It's pure magic, you HAVE to try it! It just opens your body and soul up in the most magical way so you can feel free and limitless again." It's a struggle to find additional words to describe it, mostly because it's so powerful and intangible it's best felt rather than explained, but I'm going to try anyway because it's so important everyone knows about this amazing form of healing that Kell is so gifted at delivering. 

It's one of those things where the process is so subtle that your logical mind will tell you, initially at least, this must be total fluff and a placebo effect. And your logical mind is perfectly entitled to think that. But then you're lying on the table noticing these thoughts and gently pushing them away, and you notice these subtle tingles start to creep through your body, mind and even the deepest depths of your heart. You feel energy gently pulsing through places that were feeling blocked when you walked in, YOUR energy and you start feeling your freedom and bliss returning to you, like you just woke up from a glorious dream or a nap on the beach. 

You are better positioned to reconnect with who you are in your purest state, what your intentions are, your vision is, never mind what others think or project onto you and it all suddenly feels a lot more possible. In fact, the journey of a network session feels a lot like falling in love. All pain and discomfort gradually float away and they're replaced with a physical and emotional warmth that radiates through every part of your body from the inside out. 

Every time I leave Kell's office, the sun seems brighter, the birdsong louder, and everyone around me seems warmer. I smiled at every stranger I passed on the subway after leaving his office today and every single one smiled back. I felt a deep connection to everyone around me and a sense of pure bliss, that everything in life will work out just perfectly. 

I've had a few lunchtime appointments and my colleagues can always tell, they'll say "did you go see Kell?" I'll laugh and ask them how they guessed and they'll say "you're floating!"

Kell is an extremely gifted healer and I'm so grateful to have discovered him and his amazing practice.

- Jaimie Crooks: Chief Energy Officer at Definitely Definitely

"Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein's revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen.  They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.  I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work.  It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others."  Anthony Robbins

"Working with Dr. Kell is like walking through life's darkest tunnels with someone beside you shining a flash light and explaining why you are where you are; guiding you through by releasing the fear, doubt and uncertainty that's holding you down.  After every session, I have more clarity... not only form my thoughts, but even more from my body.  Things I didn't even KNOW needed released are now crystal clear and it feels like I'm ready to conquer the world. Not to mention any back pain I might have at the beginning of a session is almost always completely diminished by the end of the session.  #BONUS!! If you are tired of PUSHING your way towards success, and desire a path that feels more organic... I'd highly recommend booking your session with Dr. Kell, ASAP!!!"   Jenn Lederer, Leadership & Impact Coach www.JennLederer.com


"THIS is for YOU if you are READY to move forward in your life ESPECIALLY if you have a Big mission serving others. I personally have been supported immensely in this work and cant tell you the GREAT VALUE it's brought to my health and my availability to others, because as I've grown my business has grown exponentially. I credit so much to this work. Investing in this is so worth it!!!"

Monica Aparicio, creator of The Lifestyle Lounge

"Kell’s light is undeniable and I’m proud to be a part of his tribe.  Working with Kell greatly enhanced my ability to relate to my body and my true self.  His hands are magic and his words are encouraging.  I felt totally supported through our work together and am truly grateful for the transformative shifts that have occurred as a result.  I continue to recommend working with Kell to everyone, especially healers and coaches, because his laser sharp eye and open heart sees the real you that is ready to serve the world."

Catherine Ekeleme, Studio & Outreach Manager, Bend and Bloom Yoga, Brooklyn


"Dr. Kell is one of the most authentic and genuine human beings I know.  His enthusiasm and passion for healing is palpable.  Literally and figurative, he has your back! 

In working with Dr. Kell, I have had incredible physical and mental improvements in my body and mind.  I've noticed my breathing is deeper, my central nervous system is calmer, and I have more clarity and freedom of mind.  There have been tremendous energetic shifts from fear and being stuck, to feeling present, alive and refreshed.  As a result of working with Dr. Kell, I live more fully in my life's purpose.  Gratitude, always! :)

Tamara Whatley    Model / Actress / Inner Beauty Consultantwww.tamarawhatley.com


"Whether you've just started your spiritual journey or you're a natural healer looking for a safe, sacred space to help fill your heart and gain greater clarity...an experience with Dr. Kell Morton will leave you changed for the better. I was introduced to him and his services through a women's workshop in New York city and in a short 5-minute session, he was able to pinpoint not only my lower back pain but also help me unpack what was causing it and how to release the blocks in my life that were holding me back.

He is truly amazing human being and brilliant at his gift...and what's more amazing is that he is ALWAYS happy to be able to serve everyone who is ready. It is very rare to find a practitioner who is a combination of superb technical expertise and spiritual insight.  If you want to treat yourself, book a session with Dr. Kell...it was the best decision I've made this year."

Jennifer Ekeleme, Freelance Brand Strategist/ Career Strategy Coach at JennZen, Inc.